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There is a story in the bible set after Jesus had died, rose again and then ascended to heaven.  The disciples had received the Holy Spirit and were walking to the temple. One of them (Peter) comes across a lame man (who could not walk) who was begging by the gate. Peter hears his begging and turns to the lame man. Peter says, "look at us," "Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!" They then helped lift the man up and the lame man was able to walk and went with them walking, leaping and praising God! 


Councils, Social Services, Drs, Counsellors, Hospitals all have their place to help you in your needs. Yet sometimes you still find yourself in need of help from above. We as a Church don't have millions of pounds to create self-help programs or solve every issue with the resources we have. but there is one thing we can do for any-and-everyone. That is pray for you 

We believe God is alive, real and answers prayers today. Whether big or small we believe in a God who has compassion when people call upon His name. "There is Power in the name of Jesus!"
Would you drop us your prayer request in the form above - feel free to be as anonymous as you wish (be sure to give us permission to follow up to see if your prayer gets answered). If you want to know more we have some more information below:



Your prayer request can be anything you wish - it could be for a friend or family member, it could be for Jesus to come into your life and change you, It can be for health, emotional or physical needs. It could be one word, line or sentence or a full page or requests. but we recommend keeping it simple. something like:


"Will you pray for my ________________. Thank you"

 Although we believe in the power of prayer, often God uses the things around us in the answer so we encourage you to also reach out to local services still for help alongside your prayer request. This is not a replacement for counselling, intervention or support team and we would encourage you to still see medical doctors' and take medication or search for help - that may be the way God chooses to answer your prayer. 



If you want to learn to pray yourself - you can (and it's quite easy to learn to do).


There is no right or wrong way to pray it's more about who you are praying to than it is whether you say certain things. A bit like a relationship the more you talk the more you know what to say. so our first encouragement is Just to START praying in the first place. Some people like to say it aloud, some like to write it down and keep a prayer diary. People often start with something like this: 'Dear Jesus' - although many people use different words, 'Father, God', We encourage you then to speak/write whatever is in your heart as if you are having a conversation,  the bible says to "present your requests". We then encourage people to say 'In Jesus Christ name, Amen' at the end of the prayer as Jesus Christ says God will do whatever we ask in His name.

If you are still struggling some people like to use a certain 'formula' called T.S.P 

T - Thank You Lord (first thank God for something or His grace and mercy and forgiveness)

S - Sorry (say sorry for trying to do things your own way and times you have disobeyed God)

P - Please (submit your requests to Him)



God answers our prayers in all sorts of ways, they might seem miraculous or seem very normal. God may cause cancer to recede or send the right surgeon to get rid of it. He may send someone alongside you in your time of need to help you get through a difficult situation or send a solution to overcome it. We don't know but we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for an answer. 


A tool some people like to use to explain how God answers prayers is the Traffic lights:


Green - Means go - It happens the way you expected to happen - a lame man walks as soon as you pray.


Amber - Means wait - God may be showing you a way through this or putting things into the right time for you. (if you went too early at lights you could end up getting hurt. you don't know what's round the corner but we believe God does so His timing is perfect). 


Red - Means No - God isn't an ATM machine answering every prayer just YES. But when we pray to God he is like a Loving Father who knows not to give his 5-year-old keys to his car. but instead, we invite him to guide us, counsel us and grow us as we understand His NO is for a good reason. 



We then suggest you get in touch with a local church and pastor as you learn to live out your new life in Christ. Feel free to use the form above to email us about your decision and how we can get in touch with you. 

Becoming a Christian starts with an acknowledgement of our need to be forgiven our Sins - this means our mistakes and wrongdoings and living life according to our own agenda instead of with God's agenda. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and saviour as He took our punishment for our sin in His Death and brings new life to us as He was resurrected.  We then ask Jesus into our lives and invite him to be in the driving seat from now on. A good way to start this new life is with a prayer like this: 

                                                                            'Dear Father,

Thank you for sending Jesus to take my place on the cross. 

Please forgive me my sin and come into my life and teach me how to live for you.



What next - contact us or your local church/minister and explain you have decided to become a Christian and you want to live for Christ. (They will help you from there)

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