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Beacon Church St Mellons Is an Elim pentecostal Church and was planted out of City Church Cardiff (then City Temple) in the early '90s. It was planted with a vision and purpose to bring the kingdom of God to the community of St Mellons and East Cardiff. During the late 90's it had grown enough to separate from City Church and become a fully-fledged church meeting in school halls and community buildings through the years.

During the 90's while Pastor of the Beacon Church, Rev Paul Houlibeq and trusted team of volunteers saw the need for a community resource for this area of St Mellons that could share the heart of God with the community through service and helps to advance the kingdom of God. Thus the Beacon Centre Trust was established in 1999 by the St Mellons Community Church (now Beacon Church) to facilitate the development, funding and administration of the project. Taking many years after set back and set back and much fundraising the Beacon Centre became a reality and was completed in 2005. The Beacon Centre to this day still exists to bring resources and care for the people of St Mellons. 

During the last 12 years, the Beacon Centre has been home to the Church. Lately, the church has seen a renewal of the original purposes and vision. Having begun to grow again and new life emerging we are praying and seeking God for what's next. We wonder whether you could be part of the next steps in the life of the church?