Beacon church partners

What is it? 

Partnership is the term we use for our church membership. We believe there is a joint

partnership between each of us to fulfill the mission which God has for His global church

but also His local church here in St Mellons, Cardiff. 

Partnership is about nailing your colours to the mast. Not that partners get special treatment but they have made a public decision to say this is my church home and family. This is the place I believe God has called me to be discipled and grow in my gifts, discover ministry and fulfill the mission of God for my life. 

Most importantly it is about us doing it together. Partnership means a mutual endeavour, we care for each other, look out for each other and invest in each other its not what can you do for your Church but asking what can we do together to bring the Kingdom of God into greater reality here on earth. 


How do I becom a partner?


Firstly people normally find themselves already exhibiting the behaviours of a partner such as living out a Godly life and contributing to the ministries of church or regularly attendings services and groups. But we also regularly host Partnership Courses that are 3/4 weeks long and walk through some of the back groung of Beacon Church and our heart for the future. Then looking at where do we all fit into this and what it means to be a partner. 


Finally if you feel this is for you we will ask you to  sign a partnership application and covenent that is just a fancy word for the vows/ pormises/ expectations for all of us as partners (this will be reviewed earlier in the course). We will then welcome you as partners as part of a sunday service in coming weeks. 


If you want to know more or have questions or are interested in attending a partners course then please fill the form below and we will be in touch shortly. 





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